Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss
(The Artist’s Guide for True Engagement in the Creative Process)

Chapters 1-15

  1. Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss
    Be comfortable with not knowing what you are doing.
  2. Sisyphus Says
    Be willing to start over any number of times. Work hard.
  3. Socrates’ Way
    Use philosophical method to reason the many possible solutions a project may have.
  4. Improv
    Work inductively and deductively and react to ideas.
  5. Private Eye for the Troubled Guy
    Research is a routine part of the creative process.
  6. Order out Chaos
    Organize your time obsessively.
  7. DaVinci’s Doodles
    Work through ideas with preliminary studies/sketches.
  8. Knievel’s Leap
    Take risks in your work.
  9. Embrace Critique
    Consider feedback on your work that you may not like.
  10. Modus Operandi
    New modes of working are usually worth acquiring.
  11. Yodel with Yoda
    Art is about communicating ideas and visual power.
  12. A Room of One’s Own
    Have a quiet and efficient space to work in.
  13. The Voice of Terror
    Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts.
  14. The Fold
    Keep an infinite receptivity and infinite spontaneity.
  15. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship.
    Nurture relationships with mentors, friends, and people who know stuff.