The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is published by Elm Grove Publishing and can be purchased through all of the major book carriers.

The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is an inspired collection of intriguing paintings by Kristy Deetz, accompanied by charming and satirical stories by Edward S. Louis  Join the shape-shifting Rabbit, along with his best friend and astute sidekick Kitty Boy (both close friends of The Artist) as they venture into a land of visual and linguistic imagination, enthusiastically posing as art critics! Clever conversations between the two characters spark interpretation of the images, connecting with ideas from art history and theory, along with subtly dark humor – and plenty of puns!

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“Kristy Deetz creates a world as it could be… as it should be, perhaps…. certainly as it exists within her vivid imagination.  Her Rabbit and Kitty Boy, like Godot’s Vladimir and Estragon, find themselves comically confronting life’s questions and realizing that there are no good answers, only more questions.  A deceptive sweetness permeates her paintings, but a certain darkness around the edges of the narrative just won’t leave the stories at peace.  She depicts a place where myth, legend, art history and dreams come to play together, and it is a delight.”

Fred Stonehouse, Professor, Department of Art-University of Wisconsin/Madison

“Rabbit is no ordinary rabbit.  Kitty Boy is no ordinary cat.  After reading just a few paragraphs of The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy, most artists will recognize the duo as the shape-changing spirits in our heads that guide us and challenge us as we struggle with the inception and creation of each new piece of work.   Like Phillip Guston, Rabbit and Kitty Boy gently remind us to acknowledge the Studio Ghosts—teachers, critics, words, theories, art histories and orthodoxies, as well as the self-doubts—that sometimes cloud our minds in the studio.  Kristy Deetz’s intriguing, smart, beautifully rendered paintings from the series, Through the Veil are the perfect companions for Edward S. Louis’s story, The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy.  In turn, Edward S. Louis’s intelligent and humorous writing is the perfect companion for Kristy Deetz’s paintings.  This is a generous and joyful book: a visual feast with a healthy dose of wisdom and a welcome splash of humor that quietly tells us to trust ourselves.”

Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Dorthy L. Stubnitz Professor of Art, Artist & Professor Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University

“The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is a treasure. It offers readers a world, both visual and literary, of fantasy, curiosity and discovery. One reflects on developments in the visual arts as well as the artist’s creative mind through Louis’ good-humored, insightful dialogue between these anthropomorphized friends. One’s eyes return often to Deetz’s intricately detailed, beautifully rendered paintings, the source for Louis’ and our own revelations.”

Cheryl Goldsleger, Morris Eminent Scholar in Art, Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia

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