Disrupted Gardens

Disrupted Gardens Paintings: a surface mitigates the fixture of materials with the motility of imagination—a “world of the text” subject to medium, design, decay, intention, whim, accident (happy or not). Something . . .abstract? surreal? real? . . . this way comes. Eco-future: be aware, beware, be wary. Hope to continue to be. So lush, […]


Disrupted Gardens includes a subseries, Specimens, three-dimensional paintings made from natural materials and trash I’ve found on walks combined with encaustic paint.  Specimens are physical products from thought experiments on a post-apocalyptic environment where nature has evolved, for better or worse, a unique way to synthesize environmental pollutants by fusing these with plants, fungi, rocks, […]

Shifting River Ways

Shifting River Ways feature paintings that explore multiple shifts in the life of the river close to my home. The paintings shift through the combination of alternating and mingling different processes and images that sometimes abruptly change or subtly transition through the diptych.  The long horizontal structures visually and physically remind one of traversing landscape.  My […]

Holidays Unfolding: The Continuing Adventures of Rabbit & Kitty Boy

Holidays Unfolding: The Continuing Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is published by Elm Grove Publishing and can be purchased through all of the major book carriers. Get ready for the next thrilling installment of Rabbit and Kitty Boy, penned by Edward S. Louis based on the wonderful, enigmatic paintings of Kristy Deetz. In Holidays […]

The Singular Adventures of Rabbit & Kitty Boy

The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is published by Elm Grove Publishing and can be purchased through all of the major book carriers. The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is an inspired collection of intriguing paintings by Kristy Deetz, accompanied by charming and satirical stories by Edward S. Louis  Join the shape-shifting […]


FABRICation FABRICation features the work of 7 artists (Erin Castellan, Kristy Deetz, Virginia Derryberry, Reni Gower, Rachel Hayes, Susan Iverson, and Natalie Smith) that incorporate a textile sensibility through elements of fabric and fabrication. Inspired by a rich array of historical textiles (drapery to quilt), these complex multi-part constructions are encoded by traditional handicraft to […]

Veil Paintings

I obsess over painting the illusion of wrinkled fabric. My process reflects the intersection of ideas of language, postmodern philosophy, and string theory.  Focusing on details such as wrinkles in fabric both feeds and resists chaos. Recording details in a painting becomes a way to understand fabric as a fluid visual structure and conceptual entity […]

Pattern Matrices

Artist Statement The virtual reality of the digital and the Internet co-exists with the actual; they move in many directions and shape each other.  Similarly, art making experiments with hybrid practices and new mixtures of materials, often employing advances in science and technology, to transform substrate, fabric, and meaning.  The mutual fabric of making contains […]

Like Water

Like Water (or bridge to the abyss) You stand on the edge of a great abyss and look down into a dark hole of mist and shadow. The abyss is terrifying, yet intriguing. Your body feels like a giant magnet is pulling you down into the rising froth. To regain your self-control, you step back […]

Relativity Veils

Artist’s Statement “The inside and the outside: the infinite fold separates or moves between matter and soul, the façade and the closed room, the outside and the inside. Because it is a virtuality that never stops dividing itself, the line of inflection is actualized in the soul but realized in matter each one on its […]