Earth Texts

Artist’s Statement Earth Texts comprises a series of thirty-five wooden relief sculptures (carved, burned and painted with encaustic) that create visual metaphors of the book form as well as autobiographical explorations. Playing off concepts like frame narratives, in medias res, and earth digest, these pieces operate in one sense as visual puns and connect ideas of […]

Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss

Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss (The Artist’s Guide for True Engagement in the Creative Process) Chapters 1-15 Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss Be comfortable with not knowing what you are doing. Sisyphus Says Be willing to start over any number of times. Work hard. Socrates’ […]

mise en abyme

Artist’s Statement My digital artwork extends and restructures compositional elements, images, and allusions from my drapery paintings that in turn invoke and reinvent Renaissance canonical painting.  The geometric understructure in Renaissance paintings is the precursor of algorithmic construction in digital images. Drapery images in Renaissance paintings are the fluid compositional elements that shift through the […]

Drapery Series

Artist’s Statement My drapery paintings on carved wood invoke and reinvent European canonical painting. A drapery may stand in for the body, free of specific gender connotations while still creating a human presence. The often-carved surfaces in the painting construction, along with the illusionistically painted drapery images, blend painting and sculpture, object and illusion, allowing […]

Liminal Trilogies

Liminal Trilogies examine the boundaries of three aspects of the natural world.  The first triptych in the series compares Animal/Vegetable/Mineral.  Each element extends from, floats on, or is submerged into beeswax filled excavations.  Animal displays locks of my hair; Vegetable presents slices of tree branches; Mineral’s rocks move in and out of circular beeswax pools like pebbles in […]

Veiling Desire

Artist’s Statement Veiling Desire 1-10 explore another conceptual wrinkle in my study of drapery as image and content. Each painting in the series suggests palimpsests or pentimenti of histories. Acrylic paintings rendered from closely observed fabric (used in the Relativity Veil series and with several previous histories in my work) include one last layer of […]

Holidays Unfolding

Artist’s Statement Holidays Unfolding, a new evolution of my Veil Paintings series, investigates the trope of drapery and the idea of Still Life, not as Nature Morte (or “dead nature”) but as Nature Morte Vivante (vivante implying “fast moving action and a certainly lively quality”). The work also examines contradictory feelings that accompany loss, nostalgia, […]

Through the Veil

Artist’s Statement Each painting in my recent Through the Veil series begins with a rendering from a closely observed fabric with wrinkles and folds. They recapitulate the compositional structure of a painting/drawing by artists from the past and present. The fabric in these paintings acts as a limen or threshold that places the viewer into multiple, […]